Welcome to Our Dog House!

Like all good stories, Spot The Dog® revolves around love - love of dogs, love of food, love of life!

What really matters to us at Spot The Dog® is the ability to share and connect with our dogs, family, and friends. We celebrate the strong bond that begins with a puppy, an adopted dog, or maybe the family dog that has been around for a while. Who can stop from Yaffing Out Loud when a dog chases his own tail or looks at you with big droopy eyes just begging for one small morsel of your YaffBar®!

We have been creating highly visible safety products for our pups since 1992, and we know you will love the ease of Spot reflective wear. If you are wondering where Rover is, just look for our trademark orange color and SPOT them.

Your partner in shared joy and companionship,


Mark Brooks

CEO/Founder of Spot The Dog®

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